First time mommy -needs a little Organization. Please Lily Jade help!

I would love to win a Lily Jade Bag! I’ve had my eye on the Madeline for quite some time. Lily Jade bags are gorgeous, well made, classic, worn as backpacks or shoulder bags. My favorite part is that they don’t scream -diaper bags. Which means once you no longer have a baby, you can still use your purse. That’s a huge bonus. The baby bag insert— what a fabulous idea. Makes everything easy, organized and can be taken out if you just want the purse as is. LOVE IT!!!

Lily Jade Please organize me. ‪#‎LJOrganizeME‬

I’m a first time expecting mom, so I don’t really know how much more I will need to add to my current bag contents. I know this is probably only 1/2 of what I will be needing.

My friend was nice enough to lend me boho-chic purse until I get a diaper bag. So until then here are the contents:

Pregnant mommy stuff:

1) Sea Bands for Nausea, Ginger Lozenges, Preggie Pops, Hand sanitizer, wet wipes. gum, necklace

2) My makeup bag -mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, eyelash curler, hair tie, hand lotion

3) not pictured -phone since I used it to take my picture, receipts, wallet, and lots of napkins, floss, portable cell phone charger.

Baby stuff:

1) bib, nursing pads, newborn diapers, wipes, Dr. Smiths diaper rash ointment, baby rattle mitts, adorable fortune cookie booties Babyganics baby lotion, babyganics chapstick, pacifier holder/pacifier

Adding to the bag soon:

2) a hand full of burp cloths, swaddle, few onsies/clothes, more diapers, teether- most likely Sophie the giraffe, nursing cover, baby wrap/sling

Would love to win a Lily Jade – to have some organization and style into my new phase in life as a mother. Thank you!Franny DB2 Franny DB